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I also thought it was a great opportunity to reset my focus and rename the website to share my thoughts and focus with a little more purpose driven perspective and I’m calling it “Outcome Focused Solutions”
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View from the writing on the path of today

These first few weeks have offered me a new perspective from which to reflect.Everywhere I go the people, the journey and the atmosphere are different and that is what makes these projects possible.Additionally the change journey, the understanding and development, and of course the successes are what this is really all about….so let me share with you mine for the past few weeks.Contribution made and given
Week 1-Created structure for Brown paper maps for teams
Week 2-Engaged a plan sharing and vision opportunity with team members
Week 3-Provided coaching feedback and recognition of transitions made
Current-I have given significant input into the program deliverables and direction moving forward
Sharing and connection
Week 1-Engaged 8 new people to get their perspective and understand their world
Week 2-Met and shared ideas with 20 others
Week 3-Shared relay for life connection and received 3 social invitations to connect
Current-I received acknowledgement from others of my own skills and successful contributions in what I do.Growth and learning
Week 1-Learnt the safety rules and structure of the area and teams
Week 2-Learnt about the current culture and the history of the locations and teams
Week 3-Learnt the team roles, functions and structures and work flows
Current-I have learnt ultimately to blend my work and life in all I do, to help feel on path.Enjoyment and Success
Week 1-I enjoyed the surroundings of a new environment and new perspectives
Week 2-I felt inspired by the sincere focus to change represented by the teams
Week 3-I was successful with interview timing and learning and completions
Current-My focused goals and objectives I set for myself this week were achieved.By creating the structure and focusing on the balanced objectives in my life, I am able to see the opportunity to manage the variance to get me back on track to where “I” have chosen to be. This structure helps me choose consciously all that I do in my lifeThe most inspiring part for me now is because I have worked through blending my entire focus through this process, I am free to decide in the moment what I want to do, as I am aware of the in impact of the choice, and I can acknowledge the impact and be in the now with the new opportunity for me in every moment. And with that I believe I am going sailing this weekend because of it!…………And with that I believe I am going sailing this weekend!


So I have been thinking about all the signs in life and how they are linked to the different paths we take along the way…..and then I saw this……

I just about fell over on my morning walk!I would have to say I think this one is the biggest sign I have seen so far to help move me on my way…!!!

Over the part two weeks I have been rolling out a new phase of the cultural change management program I have been involved with for the 18 months, into a new region. I have been so extremely busy in trying to align my new location, fitness focus, work time considerations and business development as individual components that I lost sight of their interconnected nature.

My whole aim in life is to do what I love..and love what I do….and I actually really do…..My role as a change agent coach, supporting managers to actively manage their business requirements, I really do love. I love it because I get to help others develop and change, and witness them create real tangible benefits for themselves and others along the way….

The whole reason I wanted to build this website and share these thoughts is that the principles I am applying in this role are the same principles I apply to my life, and I want to help others receive the same benefit and value in applying them to thier own as I do in mine.

I guess I could do this in a number of ways.If I was a traditionalist I could become a fulltime business coach and focus on business management, or a life coach and focus on life balance, health and wellbeing. I guess for me my skills are in both and I see a synergy of the two in being able to really help others excel in whatever they set out to achieve.

So given that the new phase started last week and these principles are aligned to the life focus I am wanting to share here, I thought I would give you a weekly review and check-in of what is going on in the program rollout. Here I can share with you the program plan in a “this week – next week” format and offer my personal “success measures and review” for myself each week sharing with you how these two concepts together tie together.

So I’ll keep them brief and return with more in depth focus on each component week by week, sharing with you more of the linked benefits for you to explore at your own leisure with detail around how to use them.

So to kick off here’s the current program:

Last week:
Familiarise with the environment
Interview key managers – explore ideas
Set boundaries and expectations
Create and discuss the rollout plan

This week:
Interview key influencers – explore actions
Set the scene – “as is” – Brown paper
Education – awareness – change journey
Education – principles of active management
Daily review principles
Get commitment to change incrementally

Next week:
Build awareness – Brown paper gaps
Daily review – Plan-Actual-Variance
Issues-actions log control
Log and review progress and success

So that’s the weekly focus…at the end of each week over the weekend I will share with you my own success outcomes and connect the concepts together. So join me on my journey to explore these linked ideas.


So today i saw sign….Yes a real sign (I was at the airport) and having a few minutes spare before my flight I started to think about my own journey and why I haven’t been writing. I guess I would have to be honest and say that I wasn’t enjoying this part of it.

I was worried about what people might think, what friends might say, what perception I might be giving others and of course my overall concern about what I might be doing to my reputation.

What I discovered from a couple of people this weekend (thanks to Brendan and Vicki), was that I was actually framing my perspective from the negative. What if I just saw it as creating my reputation by just being who I am and letting others know what that truly means. Could it really be that simple?

So having thought through why I wasn’t posting and what some of those negative blockers were doing, I decided I would tell you why I want to be posting in the first place.

I want to share what I know with others, I want to take them on their own journey and share with them mine. I love seeing others grow, I love how I feel having created that awareness and connection in their own lives. I love how I feel having created it for myself and moved another step on my own path, and I want to give that to others.

I want to share my learning, my lessons my successes, my tools, my ideas, my thoughts, and empower others to be what ever they wish to be. I can create value for others through my own perspective, contribution, and passion and honestly believe I am here to help others along their way.

I want to share the motivational tools and thinking that has helped me find my inspiration in my own life, and through this create real value for others.

So here’s to sharing my journey with you and hopefully connecting and learning from you along the way.

I have completed a consciousness challenge for about 6 months now and I am amazed by the focus it has put on my day.Distraction was todays focus and I thought it appropriate to share the fact that I have been distracted from sharing my own thoughts, actions, tools and insights with you here for a while.I deliver management system change and capacity development through coaching on a daily basis and I focus primarily on others and not on myself.The links between the tools I use to deliver this through everyday are really no different to the tools I use to manage my life.There is nothing stunningly outstanding about that other than the application of them on me personally. The awareness of how closely aligned a personal development plan for life is compared to the management operating systems that I help other people prepare and install has helped me focus on a new level of motivation and wellbeing development and coaching.So I’m about to share the componentry of the management development consulting system I am working through and relate that to a set of tools to support a personal life development opportunity.So join me!


This month I undertook a challenge to take photos relative to a new word every day and share that on instagram……I have been moved and motivated by what I felt come up for me in this process.

Todays photo was “yourself” …I looked at this photo and felt the innocents of my thoughts the acceptance of my life, the opportunity before me and the experiences yet to come…

If only we could reflect on these elements of life more often and choose to take part in these again…as I’m sure if we did we would all begin to experience the life we came here to live.

In loving memory of those that have played a part in my life and loved me because…”I am”


imageI am grateful for the life I know…the perspective I have and the experiences within it.A simple rose, out of the blue changed the view i held at a point in time. I was touched by the thought, the act, and the engagement it offered. Not to take anything away from this…I sat back and looked at why I felt so inspired by and I discovered it was only my own perception of life without the rose that had made me feel this way in the first place.I will look at the world in quite a different way through this discovery and I will be a better person through the rose..not because if it.I am grateful for the gift

imageToday I gratefully acknowledge the ebb and flow of life. I am grateful for my opportunity to choose my path and I am grateful for
the consistent change that allows me to redefine the actions I choose to take in each moment.The starting and stopping of these actions is part of human nature. I am accepting this more in myself everyday and I am grateful for the growth through awareness.

imageI am grateful for the breathing space I give myself to allow my feelings to flow as they need to, and to direct my energy wisely.Exploring my own thoughts, feelings, frustrations, anxieties, and fears has lead me to the awareness of the intensity of emotion I express due to my own unique reaction to the world in which I live.This emotion when channelled into the right cause can move mountains, and more than often does, but when it is expressed in the moment of reaction it can crate a tidal wave of concern for all in its path.I have learnt to breathe, to meditate, and to take time out to consider the absolute determination of the emotion.I have learnt a lot through the consequential response, and in the same breathe I have learnt to acknowledge that all that I have said and done its as in was meant to be.Awareness and acceptance, sorting the wood from the trees, involves a delicate balance of heart, soul, body and mind.

imageI am grateful for the people who share my world and who encourage me to dream all that I can be in my lifeThink big, dream loud, be courageous and inspired, to be all that you can be for the enhancement of yourself and all of mankindBy being the unique you in this world we are all able to add value to others lives and contribute to a better world to live in.What a wonderful opportunity I have been given to share my life with all those around me.Who can you acknowledge today and thank for helping you on this journey through life?